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Healthy tasty snack


Staying healthy is important for everybody. it can really improve the way you feel and think.

The type of food you eat can make a difference to your mental and physical health.


Eating well may mean making changes to your eating habits and

lifestyle. Eating regular healthy meals can keep your mood and blood sugar even ,so you don’t snack on junk food.


And this is what i did in my eating habits ,i’m always looking for healthy ingredients in my meals including my snacks too.


In my post today i thought to share my healthy tasty cucumber yoghurt salad which can be served as a side dish or as a snack .



1 cucumber

1 Cup yoghurt

Half lemon

1 Table spoon salt

1/2 Tea spoon dry mint

Pinch of Sumac for garnish


Grate the cucumber by using grater

put the yoghurt in a deep dish

Add the grated cucumber

Add dry mint

Add salt

Add lemon

Garnish with Pinch of Sumac and


And here i made extra amount and i keep it in a container in the refrigerator so i have it as a healthy snack every time i feel hungry .

Bon Appetit

stay healthy



Healthy Pancake

 Since ever i was trying to be healthy in my choices to My meals  even during  Preparation of them i’m 
always  committed to healthy  ingredients for every meal and in this post  I will put my way of preparing healthy pancakes as it is my favorites for breakfast.

4 table spoon whole wheat flour

1/2 table spoon baking powder

1/4 table spoon vanilla powder 

1/2 cup low fat milk

1 egg

3 table spoon olive oil 

little of cinnamon powder ( optional)

1 table spoon of stevia sugar 


 Just mix all these ingredints together till u get semi-liquid mixture .

Heat Tefal skillet on the backburner .

Pour amount of mixture in the skillet and let it cooked on both sides.

Serve it with blueberry , rasberry , honey and low fat cream.

Bon appetit


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