Magic tricks for health

These ways are almost magical and light that help any one to circumvents himself to eat less food and takes control of how much calories and reduce body fat percentage.

1-The first trick:

You must use small sizes utensils, vessels, spoons, dishes so you accidentally reduce how much calories intake , and you should learn to say “no” to refill them for the second or third times.

Many studies have proved that the size of the bowls, dishs or spoons used by , have a direct effect on the amount of food and calories consumed by.

2-The second trick:

To eat less food you start eating with your normal speed and then slowly addresse this by trying to taste and enjoy the tastes of your food with chewing and you keep calm while doing so.

 The benefits of eating slowly, gives the opportunity to your stomach for proper digestion also works to reduce the amount of food you eat because it gives a time to the arrival of fullness’s signals to your brain and so the brain closes appetite before dealing with a lot of foods.

3-The third trick:

-Evacuate your home of unhealthy foods. Keep few healthy amounts of food at home.and Give your self a chance to have unhealthy foods only once weekly or monthly.

This is direct translation to this saying  “far from the eye ,far from the heart or mind”,

4-The fourth trick:

Don’t pay attention to TV and other entertainment while dining. Focused on your food only. Enjoy every bite of food. 

So you will consume less food and calories  naturally while you are enjoying your dining.

Have a happy healthy eating 



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