Just another manic Monday

 what a life contradictins we are living everyday? !
this morning when i woke up before
 the sun rise i just put on my 
ipod and started jogging then by chance 
the first song i played in my ipod
was “manic mondy “for bangles 1986 (i think )!!
i was laughing too much because 
today is monday ,but i sighed oh God i hope 
today is not 
going to be a really manic monday 
 after i finished up my morning
 jogging i got my shower then i prepared 
my breakfast , 
while i was having my breakfast 
i was  survying my facebook in the same time and how 
weiredly it was when i saw this quote 
flashing on my facebook newfeeds .
well that time i grinned hoping really
that my monday will
be a beautiful one .
i wish so …..
But at all events how many contradictions
we used to pass by or happened
in our life ????
And how we can over come them ??
Till then i guess i need to think about that .

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