How to get a morning free of tension and stress


 1 – Give yourself a sufficient amount of sleep:

Try to sleep early and wake up early in the morning to enjoy quiet morning and spend a nice day with no pressure with your children, instead of falling into the trap of time constraints, which may lead to nervousness in dealing with others.

2 – singing:

Although this may seem to you stupid, but if you try to sing in the morning you will not be in a bad mood  at all, as you share joy to the rest of the family greatly and they may also sing with you and your day will become full of joy.

3 – Say “no” when it needs to:

Always be optimistic, especially in the morning, and try to smile and draw the smile on the face of people around you by your smiling ,Do not say the word “no” unless it is necessary.

4 – Arrange your affairs always the night before:

You may find some difficulty and fatigue in an arrangement of what you are going to do in the morning and packing what you need, but believe me it will make abig deffernce for you in the morning ,and will relieve much of the pressure will be on you looking for things and organizing it in tight time in the morning.

5 – Identify times accurately and Put a day schedule for exact time:

you can select a table of time or as so-called “Countdown to the time,” For example, you select 6:45 as a time to wake up, and then go to the bathroom and then breakfast, and 7:15 Go to the room to wear school, at 7:45 to leave the house and go to work.

  6 – Caffeine:

If you’re someone who can not concentrate without intake of caffeine you have it before you leave home, so you can complete your day’s tasks ,but beware of drinking a large amount of caffeine because it may harm your health, try to reduce it and have one cup of coffee aday


Believe me, if you try to MAKE morning goes smoothly and beautifully quiet and it will be your best day , because the morning is affecting the rest of the day for the whole family .. Try to make your day a quiet and happy.

Stay happy and activeXOXO


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