What about crises??

 Sometimes we pass in our life by alot of crises and crises , but the smart one who is able to make these crises as catalysts to refine and polish his character. .

 When I was a child ,my mother would have preferred my brother, i do not deny that this has created sometimes the feeling of jealous or feeling of disliking for my brother even to my mother.

Though I have not exceeding six years old at the time, but I  promised my self  to prove to my mother that I could be better than my brother, and then I decided to develop my reading skills and imorove selfsteam and i started to work hard in my school.

I was reading in all fields despite my young age at the time i read alot of novels worldwide and started to learn a language other than my mother tongue ,i was outstanding student in my school and i studied in the field i was dreaming of in my childhood and then worked in a decent job i was always dreamed of.

This was all because I made the crisis that i’ve been through in my childhood as  motivation and a catalyst to refine and polish my  

Stay Motivated 


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