new year resolutions

May be this year passed very quick before i achieved all my resolutions and goals i planned for them ,, or perhaps i was so dawdler to achieved them ,,well some times i admitted that honestly but if that was a mistake of me, so i promised my self with the new year to achieve all my resolutions as i can ,,

so my ten resolutions for the new year 2012 :

1- i will try not let any day pass without reading ,,so by the end of each month i will finish at least tow books ,, well , i love reading I’m almost a book worm so this goal is not that hard or me and this is one of my resolutions every year.

2- to be regular in my work out ,, which i failed to achieve last year .

3- to be forgiving person and to help people by any mean i could ,, money , solving problems , even smiling at them .

4- as long as i love painting and drawing may be i will draw a paint monthly just to satisfy my self .

these are some of them

5- i will work hard to eat healthy food as i can ..and to abate junk food as possible.

6- to improve my self in my major by reading a lot ,and working hard to learn more .

7- to donate by the end of each month ,,either money , clothes or what ever bringing smile to those people who are in need.

8- well some times i like crafting and i feel this is grace from god so i will continue in my crafting even if it didn’t satisfy others, the most important that i like my crafting .

9- to read at least 2 news papers every morning, just to keep my self updated about the world around me .

10- finally to take care of my skin and my hair and stop neglecting them , i will buy a good skin care product and hair care product and i will be regular in using them .



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